Recovering Together
June 20, 2021

Uniting Peoria consumers and business through web design

As a resident and business owner in Peoria, Illinois, the effects of the shut downs on small business have been devastating. Many local landmark venues sadly have shut their doors.

Those who are left are the business owners who had resources set aside for disaster, along with those who adapted their business practices (sometimes at great expense) just to keep their doors open.

Today we have an economy that is yearning to restart.

Consumers are eager to resume activities they once enjoyed, and business owners are eager to know rent will finally be paid on time this month.

One of the best ways to bring consumers back to local business is with a great website that uses web design best practices to rank higher in the search results ultimately reaching more potential customers.

A new approach to service

During the shut downs, many consumers found a new preference for home-delivery of goods and services whenever possible.  Restaurants began using delivery services or finding ways to deliver their own food when they didn’t previously have the resources.

Among those who are left are the business owners who had resources set aside for disaster, along with the ones who adapted and changed their entire way of doing business (sometimes at great expense) just to keep their doors open.

Consumers are now expecting the things they want and need to be delivered to their home at their convenience.  With people getting out less and less, business without a strong web presence are going to miss the influx of consumers returning to a new and different marketplace.

If you’ve never before thought about bringing your business online, there’s no time like the present.

Even the most basic website can help draw more customers your way by generating phone calls, providing directions, displaying your store hours, and even answering basic questions, all without any intervention from you.

More advanced websites can take that a step further and introduce online ordering or reservation systems, online sales, real time appointment scheduling, and any other functionality you might ask of a personal assistant.

Revitalize your business today

Perfect Fit Hosting Solutions wants to help with web design for local Peoria, IL businesses and essentially become the online arm of your business.

We can redesign an outdated or poorly-performing website, set up eCommerce, provide professional branded email and productivity tools, and help drive more customers to your site
resulting in more conversions and revenue for you. 

Internet technologies are our passion here at PFHS, and using them to help other business owners excel is one of the most rewarding aspects of working in this field.

When local business owners band together and support one another, everyone wins.

You are a business owner, not a web professional; let us handle your website and internet tech needs, and let’s grow together. 

At PFHS, your goals are our goals; your success is our strongest motivation. 

Reach out and let us help

If you own a business in the Peoria IL area and would like to get your business rocking and rolling again, just reach out and we can talk about your needs. 

Not sure which plan is right for you? Take our short quiz for our best suggestion: 


Or if you have an established business or website already and are interested in discussing options at a larger scale, go ahead and set up a time to talk using the link below and we can start our journey together. 



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