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Unleash The Power of Perfect Fit Hosting

WordPress Hosting done for you.

Say goodbye to juggling service providers and hello to seamless, hassle-free web hosting.

We’re different.


Now you can enjoy premium web hosting without breaking the bank. Our affordability never compromises on quality or performance. 


Our hosting service scales resources up or down, adapting to meet your evolving needs. With our tailored web hosting grows with your website so you always have what you need.


Enjoy peace of mind with our rock-solid reliabilty including 99.9% uptime, 24/7 monitoring, robust security measures, and a powerful infrastructure to ensure your website stays online and accessible without a hitch. 

Your Need for Speed

In order to rank well in search engine results, your website needs to load quickly.  Other hosting companies leave this burden entirely up to you.  When we take care of your site optimizations, you’ll enjoy many benefits including:

  • Increased loading speed
  • Better user experience
  • Higher rankings in search results
  • More visibility across a wider audience
  • Better brand awareness
  • Increased revenue


Help for the solopreneur

The technical side of business can be a real challenge for those trying to do it on their own.  Most business owners and solopreneurs are not also technical experts and they struggle while trying to create an online presence, let alone one that can actually draw clients.  Our Perfect Fit Hosting takes care of all the technicalities that get in your way as a business owner so you can get back to business.

No expensive IT professionals required.


The Perfect Fit Hosting Package

Our hosting packages are designed for your unique situation. We will make an assessment of your needs in our initial call and then recommend a plan from there.  Our team will be with you every step of the way as you come on board. You’ll love our robust plans which allow us to quickly adapt to your needs with:

  • WordPress Hosting
  • Core, plugin, and theme updates
  • Backups and disaster recovery
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Optimizations for speed & efficiency
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee


Hosting for Resellers

While we can help individuals and businesses bring their online presence to life, our heart is with the community of web hosting resellers.  Perfect Fit Hosting is your go-to solution specifically designed for resellers looking to provide their clients with reliable, high-speed hosting that sets them apart from the competition.  Take your web agency to the next level by offering hosting to your design clients, knowing you’ve got the support of Perfect Fit Hosting behind you.

Sell our whitelabel design services under your brand name to your clients and watch your profits soar.


SuiteDash All-in-One Business Portal

SuiteDash is a powerful platform designed to streamline and enhance business operations. It serves as a central hub for managing various aspects of your business, such as client communication, project management, invoicing, and more. It’s like having a wise and efficient assistant at your side, guiding you through the complexities of running a business.  Use it for:

  • CRM Client Management to effortlessly manage your client relationships.
  • Project management (assign tasks, set deadlines, track progress).
  • Securely storing and exchanging files and sensitive information.
  • Invoicing and Recurring Billing.
  • Client & Staff Education.
  • So much more!


Included with every Apex plan!

What people are saying.

Web hosting providers need to give their clients the best experience possible, or they will simply choose a new provider.  We recognize you have a choice in your web hosting, and even though we think we are the best provider on the market, we don’t want you to simply take our word for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Perfect Fit Hosting?

Perfect Fit Hosting is a cutting-edge web hosting service by Clear Sky Technologies that provides affordable, flexible, and reliable solutions to individuals, businesses, and hosting resellers. It offers optimized hosting environments for various needs, including WordPress hosting.

What makes Perfect Fit Hosting affordable?

Our hosting plans are custom tailored to your unique circumstances, ensuring you never have to pay for a service you don’t need.  This allows you to maximize your budget without compromising on the most important hosting features. 

How flexible is Perfect Fit Hosting?

We understand that each website has unique requirements, which is why we offer flexible hosting solutions.  With Perfect Fit Hosting, you can easily scale resources up or down, customize your hosting environment, and choose from a range of hosting services tailored to your specific needs.  This flexibility ensures you have the perfect hosting arrangement that suits your website’s demands. 

Is Perfect Fit Hosting Reliable?

Absolutely! We prioritize reliability to ensure your website remains accessible at all times. Our hosting infrastructure undergoes continuous monitoring, and we implement robust security measures to protect your data. With redundant systems and 24/7 website monitoring available, we strive to provide uninterrupted hosting services, giving you peace of mind and your customers the attention they deserve. 

Can I migrate my existing website to Perfect Fit Hosting?

Yes, we offer seamless website migration assistance. Our experts will guide you through the migration process, ensuring minimal downtime and a smooth transition to Perfect Fit Hosting. We are here to assist you every step of the way through this migration and beyond.

Does Perfect Fit Hosting support e-commerce websites?

Absolutely! Perfect Fit Hosting is well-equipped to support e-commerce websites. We provide optimized hosting environments, reliable security measures, and performance optimizations to ensure a smooth and secure online shopping experience for your customers.

What kind of customer support can I expect?

At Perfect Fit Hosting, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer support. Hosting is not only our job, it’s our passion.  With many years of industry experience, you know you will be communicating with a seasoned expert.  We are available through various channels, including live chat, email, SMS, video calls, or telephone.

Can I upgrade my hosting plan as my website grows?

Absolutely! We understand that your website’s needs may evolve over time. With Perfect Fit Hosting, you can easily upgrade your hosting plan to accommodate increased traffic, resource requirements, and growing demands. We ensure a seamless upgrade process to keep your website performing optimally.

How do I get started with Perfect Fit Hosting?

Getting started is easy! Simply fill out our meeting request and schedule a time to talk.  We’ll go over basic details of your business and your goals so we can help create a plan to reach them.  We will work together to create an action plan, and then walk together as we put it in place. 

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Plans & Pricing


A solid foundation of essential web hosting features and performance at an affordable price.  For individuals and businesses seeking reliable hosting without compromising on quality. 


An elevated hosting experience with enhanced features and improved performance. For customers who desire a higher level of service and a more comprehensive hosting solution. 


The ultimate hosting experience with top-tier features and premium resources. For those who demand the highest level of performance, security, and scalability for their business.

* Our all-in-one business portal is available for separate purchase under the Prime or Elite plans for an additional $99/month, and is included in the base price of the Apex plan.

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